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SW-MOTECH – the current shipping situation

Delivery problems in 2021

The effects of the Corona pandemic continue to affect our work and we would like to explain why you are currently waiting a long time for many products from SW-MOTECH. The production of our metal parts such as crash bars, engine guards, side carriers and centerstands takes place in our factory in the Czech Republic. 

Thank you for understanding

No home office for welders

There, the incidence last winter was sometimes as high as 800 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Many employees at our plant were also sent into quarantine. But a welder cannot do a home office, a side carrier is not built at home.

Therefore, we were not able to build as many metal parts as we would have liked in the past months.


Containers are in short supply

And something else was and is in short supply in 2021: containers and freight capacity. Our goods were also stuck in the Suez Canal, and containers are in constant short supply because of the enormous demand for transportation at all companies

ur tank bags and cases often wait for weeks in Asia until a container becomes available and then it takes several more weeks until the goods arrive here with us.

the current shipping situation

New Jobs

Fortunately, the situation is now slowly easing and we are able to produce and book containers again on the usual scale. Nevertheless, we still have to make up for the backlogs that have occurred. That's why we've opened another welding center at our headquarters in Germany and we've also increased the number of employees in logistics.

We are working hard to get you the right accessories for your bike as quickly as possible. We apologize for the delays and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Service Contact

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