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Barkbusters handguards

Protection for almost any motorcycle: Barkbusters handguards come in a wide variety of designs. From impact-resistant EGO protector for trial and enduro riders to all-weather handguard BBZ. The solid aluminium frame protects the rider’s hands and levers. The replaceable handguard shell offers additional safety and all-weather protection and comes in different colours depending on the model. Barkbusters presents a wide range of smart accessories.

Barkbusters offers handguards for all purposes:
  • STORM handguards: large wrap around guard.
  • JET handguard: ideal for bikes with long levers. Available in different colours.
  • EGO handguards: compact design. Available in different colours.
  • VPS handguards: plastic guard with variable height wind deflector. Also for bikes with long levers. Available in different colours.
  • Carbon handguards: low weight handguard with unique style. Not compatible with EGO frames.
  • BBZ handguards: stable fabric weather protection.
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