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The impact-resistant handguards offer maximum protection from the elements and stone-chipping. The strong aluminium frame of KOBRA, BBSTORM and Barkbusters handguards offers protection in crashes or sustained off-road riding. The strong handguard shells are replaceable.

KOBRA handguards by SW-MOTECH are made from extra durable plastic and feature super strong and bike-specific aluminium mounting frames for 1-point or 2-point mounting. Optional available handguard extensions for more protection and LED indicators complement the stylish design.

BBSTORM handguards come in classic style and bike-specific complete kits. The handguard shells are made from durable plastic and fit the tough aluminium frame for fast and easy mounting. The replaceable plastic handguard shells can be ordered in different colours.

Fitting almost all motorcycle models: Barkbusters handguards from Australia come in a wide variety of bike-specific designs – from the impact-resistant EGO handguard for trial and enduro riders to handguards for extra protection from the elements.

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