Sys Bag adapter - and with a click your SysBag holds on a carrier

You already have a SysBag? Then you are in the right place. Just select the adapter plate in the appropriate size and you can simply click your bag on a carrier.

You don't have a bag yet? Then decide upon a total package with an attractive price. Depending on the motorcycle, we offer the SysBags as a system that already contains a side carrier, adapter plates and adapter kit.

Overview of adapter kits for racks:

SysBag 10 with adapter plate X GPT.00.152.50000/B, SYS.00.001.13000 X X
SysBag 15 with adapter plate GPT.00.152.50000/B X
SysBag 30 with adapter plate GPT.00.152.50000/B GPT.00.152.450

Overview of adapter kits for side carriers:

PRO side carrier EVO carrier SLC side carrier
SysBag 10 with adapter plate X X
SysBag 15 with adapter plate X
SysBag 30 with adapter plate X
X Mounting not possible ✔ All adapters included in delivery

SLC side carrier & SysBag 10/15

Attaching the SysBag becomes even easier via adapter plate with the quick-release fastener. With just one movement, the SysBags 10/15 can be fixed to bike-specific SLC side carriers. Depending on the model of bike you can combine bags of different sizes or mount the carrier on just one side. Only an adapter plate, not an adapter kit, is required for mounting on SLC side carriers. The bolts are included in delivery of the SLC side carrier.

PRO/EVO side carrier & SysBag 15/30

With the removable PRO and EVO side carriers, the bike is ready for the journey in no time. Just click on a SysBag 15 or SysBag 30 with adapter plate, strap another one on the rear and the storage capacity is even enough for long tours. An adapter kit is required for attaching to PRO/EVO side carriers. This is available separately, but included in the delivery of the SysBags 15/30 with adapter plate.

Rack by SW-MOTECH & SysBag 15/30

With the adapter plate the SysBag 15 and SysBag 30 can not only be attached to side carriers but also to a rack by SW-MOTECH. The quick-release fastener is latched with a single click, easily released via drawstring. The required adapter kit is already included in the delivery of the SysBag 15/30 with adapter plate. Adapter plates and adapter kits are also available separately for retrofitting existing bags or an existing rack. The SysBag 15 can be securely attached with an adapter plate to the ADVENTURE-RACK, the STREET-RACK with adapter plate and the STEEL-RACK. The SysBag 30 with adapter plate is compatible with all four SW-MOTECH racks (ADVENTURE-RACK, STREET-RACK and ALU-RACK with adapter plate, STEEL-RACK).

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