Everything from tank bags, saddlebags, tail bags and aluminium touring cases – motorcycle luggage for all needs

SW-MOTECH develops luggage systems for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world that fit. Every single product is proudly designed in Germany with real-life heavy duty usage in mind and built with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our engineers and designers are passionate about motorcycles. Every luggage concept is perfection in detail and made for individual adventures on busy urban streets, winding country roads, stony mountain passes or sandy beaches. Our tank bags, TRAX ADV premium aluminium touring cases, saddle bags, tail bags or waterproof Drybags are outstanding in usability, flexibility and price performance ratio. Legend Gear vintage-inspired luggage follows recent customizing trends and is made for true legends and various classic look motorcycles.

Every motorcycle is unique and requires customized equipment

The optimal seating position and choosing the right luggage are essential in order to interfere with the riding characteristics as little as possible and to safely arrive at your destination. Once you have selected your motorcycle model, we will recommend luggage that truly fits – because we test all our products directly on the bike.

The appropriate luggage solution for every single tour
  • Adventure-Sets:Adventure-Sets: Our all-round carefree package includes the following components based on the model: TRAX ADV side case, PRO or EVO side carrier, TRAX ADV top case, ADVENTURE-RACK or ALU-RACK, crash bar and engine guard.
  • Tank bags: The tank bags from the PRO, EVO and ION series can be attached by using the practical QUICK-LOCK tank ring or the classic strap, depending on the model.
  • Saddlebags: The bags from the soft luggage series BLAZE, DAKAR or Legend Gear are lightweight and robust at the same time.
  • Side cases: TRAX aluminium cases are available in different sizes, colors and price categories. The AERO ABS and URBAN ABS side cases are made of highly durable plastic and impress with their lightweight design.
  • Side carriers: The removable PRO and EVO side carriers with QUICK-LOCK function combine easy handling, perfect fit and maximum flexibility. The SLC side carrier holds the side bags from the Legend Gear series as well as the SysBag and URBAN ABS side cases securely in place.
  • Tail bags: Whether it is the sleek Slipstream, the spacious Speedpack or the waterproof Drybag, we offer tail bags in many sizes and variations – the appropriate solution for every motorcycle model and every tour.
  • Top case: The TRAX top case is the perfect add-on for TRAX side cases and both roadworthy and suitable for off-road use. The aerodynamic URBAN ABS top case is just the right size for short, everyday trips or leisure rides, and even holds a helmet.
  • Racks: The bike-specific development and the modern production method ensure optimum fit of our ADVENTURE-RACK, ALU-RACK, STEEL-RACK and SEAT-RACKS.
  • Backpacks: Our motorcycle backpacks offer the highest level of carrying comfort whether you are motorcycling or walking.
  • Legend Gear: The soft luggage from the Legend Gear series complements the timeless lines of the latest retro motorcycles without having to forego contemporary materials and a flexible restraint system.
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