Ducati Multistrada SW-MOTECH

Accessories for the Ducati Multistrada V4
SW-MOTECH equips the great Italian enduro

Since 2003, Ducati has been serving the market of large enduros with the Multistrada and has been proclaiming the catchy slogan "4-bikes-in-1" for some years now: sport, travel, enduro or urban - everything is possible with the Multistrada. What was considered somewhat exaggerated and disproportionate at the beginning, corresponds more and more to reality. Thanks to progressive technical development - both in the field of electronics and in terms of chassis - the Multistrada today truly offers a well-rounded package for all kinds of adventures.

Ducati has traditionally relied on plenty of power for the Multistrada. The former superbike engine delivers at least 160 hp in all generations, still unsurpassed in the touring enduro segment. An intensive athlete in touring guise, so to speak. But power is not everything, because controllability is the real trump card in the mountains. Ducati has also recognized this and has recently allowed the Italian to move more smoothly in the low speed range and thus also more economically.

SW-MOTECH has been supplying numerous accessories for the entire Multistrada family since the 2013 model year. Whether 950, 1200, 1260 or V4, whether 950, 1200 or 1260, whether Enduro or S as an add-on - we make the Italian motorcycle fit for the journey in all respects.

Many applications, many solutions:
Luggage transport on the Multistrada with SW-MOTECH

The range of accessories from SW-MOTECH is just as wide as the Multistrada's range of uses. Plenty of storage space for long journeys or slimline equipment for short urban trips - we have the right luggage solution for every purpose. And if you're touring off the beaten track, you can make the bike even more robust with matching protective products.

The removable PRO side carriers fit the Multistrada 1200, 1260 and V4 and provide a firm hold for both the TRAX ADV aluminum panniers and the sporty AERO ABS side cases. Complete sets are also available for both variants, then in each case in conjunction with the matching luggage carrier and a top case.

Depending on the model, we have developed both the slim Street Rack and the versatile Alu Rack luggage rack for the Multistrada. The TRAX ADV top case can be placed on both, the sporty Urban ABS top case only fits on the Street Rack.

Tail bag Rackpack

Tail bags for the Ducati Multistrada V4

If you're looking for a soft luggage solution, you'll find it in the PRO tail bags. The Rackpack set consisting of Street Rack luggage carrier and PRO Rackpack tail bag is ideally suited for the Multistrada. Robust Ballistic Nylon and stable side walls made of EVA material ensure safe luggage transport, thanks to the patented lashing hooks, the bags can be flexibly attached to the rack. And the black and red design is a perfect visual match for the racy Ducati style.

Tank bags for the Ducati Multistrada V4

Popular since many years: the Trial and City tank bags. Both fit perfectly to the sloping tank shape of the Multistrada and offer additional storage space for extended tours. The EVO line has already met all requirements, the revised PRO models take it up a notch again in terms of handling and quality.

Tank bags for the Ducati Multistrada v4

Crash bar for the Ducati Multistrada V4

The Multistrada V4 is undoubtedly also ready for offroad adventures. To ensure that the Italian bike remains undamaged on remote trails, the crash bars made of robust steel and the engine guard made of 4 mm thick aluminum sheet provide an extra dose of protection for the tank, fairing and engine.

Crash bar for the Ducati Multistrada V4

Center stand for Ducati Multistrada V4

Center stand for Ducati Multistrada V4

The centerstand and the side stand foot extension from SW-MOTECH provide a firm stand for the V4.

Accessories for the new Ducati Multistrada V4

The Multistrada family has been a guest in our workshop for many years, and the anticipation for 2021 is correspondingly high: Ducati unleashes the completely revised Multistrada V4, and the first test reports raise the level of expectation all the more: it is described as a "really big hit" and a "touring wonder", and the harmony of chassis and electronics is "simply groundbreaking." The focus is of course once again on the engine, because with 170 hp the Multistrada V4 is in fact the most powerful standard adventure bike of all time. The fourth generation of the great Italian will cause quite a stir on the touring duo market and SW-MOTECH supplies matching accessories in its usual premium quality.

Ducati Multistrada SW-MOTECH